Projection-Based Model Reduction for Coupled Conduction-Enclosure Radiation Systems

Victor E Brunini, Eric Parish, John Tencer, and Francesco Rizzi

ASME Journal of Heat Transfer

A projection-based reduced order model (pROM) methodology has been developed for transient heat transfer problems involving coupled conduction and enclosure radiation.

The approach was demonstrated on two test problems of varying complexity. The reduced order models demonstrated substantial speedups (up to 185x) relative to the full order model with good accuracy (less than 3% L8 error).

An attractive feature of pROMs is that there is a natural error indicator for the ROM solution: the final residual norm at each time step of the converged ROM solution.

Using the tests cases above, we discuss how to interpret this error indicator to assess the accuracy of the ROM solution. The approach shows promise for many-query applications, such as uncertainty quantification and optimization. The reduced computational cost of the ROM relative to the FOM can enable the analysis of larger and more complex systems as well as the exploration of larger parameter spaces.